Australia deserves a fair share of profits.

It’s time to end the 'free ride' for the gas industry


The evidence is now in. Australia's petroleum tax is giving away resources to multinationals for free.

Shortly, Australia will overtake Qatar as the world’s biggest gas exporter. Qatar collects $26.6 billion in federal royalties from their gas exports every year – yet Australia’s Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT) will see no revenue from LNG for decades, if ever. The case for reforming taxes covering oil and gas multinationals has never been clearer.

The government just handed down the 2017 budget, and again our Treasurer Scott Morrison, let foreign multinationals - like Chevron, Exxon, BP and Shell - get off scot-free.

The government talk tough on a "crackdown on multinationals not paying their fair share of tax" but Australia is set to continue giving away our gas to foreign multinationals for free.

It's time for Australia to reaps the benefits from the gas boom.

Can you take A minute now and email your local MP and the Treasurer? 

Tell them to ensure that multinational corporations pay their fair share. Personalising your message will make it more effective. Tell them why this issue matters to you.


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